Creating vital business structures to scale growth and success

How we’re different

We collaborate with you to optimize financial strategies and operational practices.

Business savvy doesn’t always translate to financial know-how. Balance is a strategic finance partner that seamlessly integrates into organizations to provide everything from CFO duties to accounting services. From start-ups, large for-profits, small businesses, and nonprofits, our team of seasoned and passionate professionals has the expertise to craft customized, foundational financial solutions designed for accuracy, transparency, and growth.

Tested Experts

With more than a decade of creating custom business solutions for clients, we are adept at deconstructing complex problems and implementing processes that achieve business goals. Serving numerous industries across a spectrum of financial sophistication, we prepare, interpret, and share financial data to get to accurate, tangible business insights and results.



We function as the financial management backbone of an organization, quickly integrating into the business and its culture. We pride ourselves on our accessible, high-touch, human-centered approach, successfully creating dynamic, long-term client partnerships that foster optimal company performance.

Ethically Minded

We are part of your leadership team, embedded as your financial experts and practicing the highest ethical standards for accuracy, privacy, and transparency. Your data tells your company’s story – we ensure it is accurate, compliant, and clearly communicated for management, shareholders, and board members.

What We Believe

Ethical financial management is core to our culture

We’ve seen our share of “creative accounting practices” in this profession. Balance takes pride in our track record of abiding by industry best practices with the highest levels of integrity.

We bring accuracy and transparency to a business’s financial data, allowing leaders to make the best strategic decisions for growth and success based on correct information.


Balance proudly works with companies that share our core philosophy that profit and social impact are complementary goals. Our people-centric approach gives actionable insights into your financials to ultimately serve every level of your teams, business, and community.


We follow all current financial management industry guidelines to help organizations meet compliance requirements to resolve, mitigate, and prevent crises. Once systematized, our ongoing comprehensive monitoring, recommendations, and management will result in a direct and positive financial impact on your company and the people behind it.


The financial systems behind your company should be integrated, reliable, and error-free. Balance is your strategic partner to take the questions and guesswork out of financial management functions. We work with stakeholders to ensure that costs, risks, and analyses are concisely and fully disclosed to the right people on time.


We employ the latest, most advanced security technologies to ensure your company’s financial data remains private. Adhering to the strictest confidentiality and ethical policies while managing an organization’s financial data is top priority.

How we work

We’re your integrated strategic finance team.

We’re an extension of your internal management team with the ability to function as an entire financial department – from data entry, to periodic accounting, to CFO responsibilities. We partner with businesses to identify the most efficient ways to apply our in-depth knowledge, experience, and comprehensive services for your organization.

Our methodology

The Balance approach stands the test of time

Our proven approach of developing tailored, strategic financial solutions results in more accurate data, decreased errors, and improved turnaround times, and enables organizations to achieve growth goals while meeting and exceeding compliance standards.


We undertake a thorough review of your business’s current state to understand its unique challenges.


We work with you and your organization’s stakeholders to define strategic financial goals that are clear, measurable, and attainable.


Our team develops a customized, research-based plan designed to achieve your organization’s goals and objectives.


We facilitate and implement new technologies, integrating clean and efficient processes that align financial operations with your strategic goals.


We use tested practices to track your organization’s progress, provide ongoing support and assessment, and always offer a timely response to the inevitable changes that occur in our ever-shifting economic environment.

Our expertise

Put our expertise to work for your organization

Our vast experience with clients of all sizes across all sectors gives our team the capabilities to identify and implement solutions efficiently and effectively. Whether your organization is looking to expand or restructure, is encountering complex financial issues or crises, or is facing an audit, the Balance team is prepared to help you develop and implement a tailored financial structure to achieve your short and long term goals.

Strategic Partner Network

An extensive network of trusted partners for an organization’s every need.

Working closely with organizations to solve business problems and optimize for growth, we provide referrals to relevant community partners to ensure you have direct access to the best experts in the field. Our long-term and vetted partner relationships allow for seamless coordination to set you up for success at every level of your organization.